Sweet Home Alabama ..

hey all ..

I am so LOVING my new state of Alabama .. it’s gorgeous so green .. lots of rain .. the thunder is actually soothing to me now.  Lightening not so much a fan of .. I hate that it killed my mac!  🙁

I do MISS California .. I will always be a CALI Girl at heart.  I miss my mom and sisters .. my beautiful Mom tons .. need to plan a visit.

So a lot is happening with Susie Marie .. after 16 years in the photography biz .. I have decided to retire from doing client sessions and put more focus on photographing for me and art for my stores .. I will use my photography talent for my new passion and love .. are you ready for this?

I have decided to finally make one of my lifetime dreams and passion come true .. I plan to use some of my 3 acres to grow and sell Cut Country Flowers!

So keep an eye out for new posts on our progress!


A few other things happening here ..

Meet Wylie the newest addition to our family .. he is a Blue Australian Queensland Heeler just like his sister Maggie who is a red heeler.

He is the love of my life .. he’s sweet, cute and full of pure craziness .. totally and typically all boy!


.. made my first peach pie .. yummy!


Perfected the look a bit better on my second pie .. 🙂

My garden did produce some beautiful lettuce, radishes and cucumbers .. the Serranto Chili Peppers and basil have been yummy!  Getting ready for Fall Planting now .. 🙂


My property has the most wonderful animals on it .. I have a red cardinal, mocking bird, blue jays, squirrels, owls hooting all through the night and probably a ton of others I have yet to see .. but the most wonderful and beautiful of all is the butterflies and dragonflies, so many of them .. two of my most favorite bugs ever!









Well that is it for now .. stay tuned for more fun .. I will be blogging a lot more!

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